“Joy is a delight to work with very understanding and flexible. She definitely sets a great example for who you want to do business with. I wish everyone made it this easy to work with. I would gladly recommend her!”

Kylie J. 

“The money just came through 15 minutes ago. Thank you for everything. The stress load is gone. Whew! I appreciate you offering to bridge us if we needed it. You made this too simple. Thank you again, You have no idea what it means that we received your help, and now, I just paid about 50 bills,haha. I was happy to be able to say “I would like to pay in full please.”

Marie S.

“We signed the last paper today and got our check. Everything is done. Thank you so much for all your help with everything Joy!!!”

Katelynn and Dann S.

“It has been a pleasure meeting you! Thank you for all your help and guidance. (-: I found the process to be very simple and quick. I will definitely let other people know about you.”

Brenda M.